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Join the Conversation: Free Parking On The Way Out at Westfield

See what people are saying about Westfield Century City's plans to end free parking at the mall and join the conversation.

Westfield Century City's plans to ditch free parking at the mall have a lot of people buzzing.

Here's what some readers had to say about the elimination of a three-hour free parking policy that could go into effect as early as fall of 2013:

"I don't believe that Westfield should have to suffer [its] policies being abused, but the path they've chosen has take[n] them from victim to villain." — C. Brooks on "Letter to the Editor: Westfield Decision to End Free Parking Unfair"

"Everyone stop moaning. A lot a people abuse the right to park free and it causes the retailers issues." — David Parker on "Westfield Century City to End Free Parking"

"Less likely to shop there since there are still other places to shop that offer free parking. Hoping the rates are reasonable." — Audrey Freudberg on the Westwood-Century City Patch Facebook page.

"I do think it was reasonable to raise rates. Parking is not cheap and when the cost of doing business is accelerating at the rate it is, you have to monetize any possible source of revenue to keep things going." — Chris Cusack on the Westwood-Century City Patch Facebook page.

Michael Mellgard suggested Westfield only charge after the first hour. Other readers, like Jayne, suggested a validation requirement.

Read more about the plans here and weigh in on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments section below.

jh September 28, 2012 at 05:31 AM
This is crazy! Someone needs to suggest to them, that the stores should all have a stamp and if anyone buys anything (no matter how small) they can get their parking card stamped and still have the free 3 hours. This will take care of the legitimate customers as they have been already and eliminate people parking there for free that are not going to the mall...seems like a simple solution!
Tensie Palmer September 28, 2012 at 01:25 PM
My concern is that Westfield owns/runs shopping centers all over. If they charge for parking here, how soon before they charge in other locations? Gone are the days of shopping for the fun of it, to find that special thing without a preplanned shopping schedule? I live on the west side, but prefer to shop in the Valley because the parking places are larger (for the most part) & parking is plentiful. However, in times where every penny is counted, why keep the casual shopper away? We are forced to go to the internet.... which by the way, does not help the retailer in the mall. As it currently stands, I shop within the free time and rush out before I have to pay. The only expense to running a parking lot these days is installing and maintaining those fancy systems with lights to show you which spot is empty or full. They have cut jobs by doing this as well. Don't get me started.... I think Westfield is going to shoot themselves in the foot with this and should think carefully of the ramifications for the center at large.
Julia McAndrew September 28, 2012 at 07:34 PM
If they plan to charge for parking, I sure hope they plan to fix the "sophisticated" parking light system they installed last year. That thing is wrong 99% of the time - total waste of money.
Jennifer September 29, 2012 at 10:59 AM
I live close the Century City mall and I rarely go there, if ever. However, if they start charging for parking, I can guarantee I will never go back. It's bad enough how much the movies there cost; paying parking on top of the cost of the ticket would be adding insult to injury.
Mary McGrath September 29, 2012 at 01:39 PM
And while we're at it, the parking in Culver City's Westfield is really lousy as well. They charge $7 to valet park at lunch. When I've got to BJs, my lunch costs less than valet parking, so I'm not going there anymore. Olive Garden is slated to go in at the end of October. What's that going to do?


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