The Craving: Very Berry Desserts

Enjoy treats including strawberry shortcake and raspberry oatmeal bars.

Sugar cravings and fruit can go hand and hand. Case in point, three yummy places to splurge on fruit-filled decadence any time of the day.


Strawberries are served in the Strawberry Shortcake dessert. Served as a parfait- like entry, whipped cream and strawberry layers top the fluffy angel food textured bread. Light and sweet, it was a treat that left me craving more—and that's a compliment for dessert.

Price for a very berry dessert: $4.75


Classic bread pudding gets a toppings makeover with strawberry slices, a small sprinkling of blueberries (only two for me, eaten almost instantly), and then an almost invisible mix of raisins and chocolate chips. The chocolate chips are completely melted into the bread pudding—scoop it up with a strawberry slice and the sugary but lighter bite is addicting. Powdered sugar made for a nice finishing touch.

Price for a very berry dessert: $5


Freshly brewed coffee and desserts go together all too well, so a Raspberry Oatmeal bar for breakfast only seemed natural. A crunchy mix of oatmeal, brown sugar crumbles, and a raspberry layer made it easy to forget that this bar was supposedly a breakfast treat. Buttercake Bakery supplies them, but there is no need to make the drive outside of the area, as this eclectic ambiance carries them, too.

Price for a very berry dessert: $2.75


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