Wife, Mother, Grandmother
Dedicated to helping save lives, having less or no serious injuries in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee by using any avenue available to insure drivers are considerate, careful, attentive, obey traffic laws, do not drink/drive, text/sext or anything else that takes their eyes off the road, signal lights and stop signs, other cars/drivers, bicycles, skaters, walkers, runner, etc. We have had our share of deaths from DUi's, over priviledged drivers, or ones not paying attention. I also advocate/give to/encourage others to give to our homeless, less fortunate, single mothers/fathers and their children, single working mothers/fathers who need clothes for jobs or job interviews. Anytime you have clothes or food to give away call around to local agencies who do NOT charge our less fortunate for those items but give them freely. There are many locations available in all surrounding cities. Donate to families who have had a child, father, mother, loved one severly injured or killed by a drunk driver, or a driver who causes the death from negligence to traffic laws. Donate to families who have an ill family member, buy at a yard sale to help a family, anything to help a neighbor get through the most difficult thing in our lives :/ We don't realize how much a family can loose in pay or even loose a job if they take a few weeks off to be with a very ill/injured family member, or if the family member dies to recover emotionally enough to get through the funeral and go back to work. Some families do have friends that set up funds for them if they do need help. Donate if you can, even a buck helps add up to 20 bucks :)