Rocker Ted Nugent Tells Patch Columnist He'll Kill 20 Whales

Controversial hunter-rocker modestly vows to slay the mammoth creatures this year.

is known by our visitors as a guy who likes gills. But besides being an angler and outdoorsman, he hosts a weekly radio show called Philip Friedman Outdoors, and its first Thursday night brought rocker and outdoorsman Ted Nugent. Naturally it was a conversation of nuanced goals in the wild blue.

Friedman, a roving outdoorsman himself who canvasses the coast daily, from Baja, California north, has moved from Sunday to Thursday nights at 9 pm PST on www.AM830KLAA.com.

"Our first guest was hard rocker and  outdoor enthusiast Ted Nugent," Friedman said afterward. "We were surprised to hear about Ted's thoughts on Paul Watson and Whale Wars," a popular Animal Planet show set on research vessels.

On Philip Friedman Outdoors, Nugent modestly vowed to kill 20 whales this year and invited Watson to come to his concert at the Grove of Anaheim on June 30th. No hard feelings.

Nugent also spoke of "fat zombied kids" and the need to get them outdoors running around, the value of clean and sober living, hunting, his music and quite a good deal more.

"Of course, we would be interested to know what our Patch community thinks about Nugent's interview," Friedman wrote. Ted Nugent: love him, hate him, it's must-hear radio.

Click to hear Ted Nugent Now (may take a while to load)

Chris June 27, 2011 at 03:47 AM
Good observation. An interesting invitation. But then he would have to "follow the directions and rules" from an authority. He might have to "lose himself" to the extent necessary to benefit his "team". The words in quotes being somewhat foreign to him.
toby June 28, 2011 at 03:58 AM
Haha, oh the poor little deers. The innocent little animals. Let's have a candle light vigil.
Chris June 28, 2011 at 05:07 PM
So, Toby - are you on board with Ted going way out of his way in the promotion of killing of an endangered species such as 20 whales? Do you see this as responsible and/or moral? Can you substantiate you opinion on either side of the argument? Or can you show some thinking behind your opinion?
toby June 28, 2011 at 05:18 PM
That's interesting in that I was curious what your substanciation for comparing war to hunting was. The excessiveness of his actions is subjective (neither you or I know what psychologically goes on in his head). Hunting to provide for yourself and killing another human over differences in political or theological opinion are two very different things. No I don't condone killing whales, however I think a safe bet would be old Teddy doesn't kill any because he eats what he kills. It'd be tough eating 20 whales. One time, with a sincere timber, I said I was going beat up a classmate in third grade without the intention of doing it. This is like that.
Chris June 29, 2011 at 04:03 AM
Someone else compared war to hunting. Although I thought it was an interesting perspective my thoughts are less aligned with your first comment and more aligned with your second. The first had nothing to do with the killing of whales, which was my main objection. But your second had some truth for me when you compared Ted's behavior to a child trying to push someone's button by scaring them or simply upsetting them. Normal and understandable behavior from a child - not so good from an adult. But, it is Ted Nugent. While we all have opinions on what to ascribe his behaviors to, you're probably right on the idea that, "This is like that." Good point. In Ted's case, the fact that he has to try to push buttons in the way he does says much more about his own lack of maturity, self-reflection, and impulsiveness than any point he is trying to make about his relationship to hunting. As a self-appointed advocate for 2nd Amendment rights (I know that he often uses a bow when hunting) and whatever he tries to say about how we need to be "Men" in his eyes, he simply comes off as an impulsively egotistical narcissist who does little to help understand his cause.


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