Plan to End State Funding at UCLA Management School Hits Roadblock

Faculty committee suspends review of proposal to switch from state to private funding at the Anderson School of Management.

UCLA's controversial plan to end state funding for its management school's main MBA program and instead rely on tuition and donations has been rejected by a powerful faculty committee, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

A committee of the UC system's faculty senate recently voted to suspend its review of the Anderson School of Management's plan after raising questions about the proposal's budget, its effect on educational quality and affordability for students, according to the Times.

The decision by the Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs is expected to present a significant roadblock that will at least delay the proposal. UC officials told the Times it was unclear what the next step would be.

The college's proponents contend ending state subsidies is the best way for the program to thrive amid severe state budget cuts. Critics have called it a move toward privatization, according to the Times.

The same concerns were cited by opponents of a similar proposal at Santa Monica College in the spring. That plan was shelved by the community college's Board of Trustees after extensive debate that followed protests by students, .

The Community Colleges chancellor's office has argued the state's education code does not allow public schools to charge students the full cost of education. Santa Monica's plan would have had students paying $540 for some courses, more than three times the amount California residents currently pay with state tuition.


For the full story on the UCLA plan to change funding at the Anderson School of Management, visit the Los Angeles Times

Milan Moravec September 06, 2012 at 11:11 PM
UCLA and Cal will be charging in-state students more. The public’s UC Berkeley harvests money, taxes, family savings from Californians. Cal. is nationally ranked #1 public university total academic cost (resident) with the Provost and Chancellor goal to ‘charge Californians higher tuition’. UC Berkeley tuition is rising faster than costs at other universities. Cal ranked # 2 in faculty earning potential. Believe it: Harvard College less costly. University of California negates the promise of equality of opportunity: university access, affordability is farther and farther out of reach. Self-absorbed Chancellor Birgeneau, Provost Breslauer are outspoken for Cal. ‘charging Californians much higher’ tuition. Birgeneau ($450,000) Breslauer ($306,000) like to blame the politicians, since they stopped giving them their demanded funding. The ‘charge Californians higher tuition’ skyrocketed fees by an average 14% per year from 2006 to 2011-12 academic years. If Chancellor Provost had allowed fees to rise at the same rate of inflation over the past 10 years they would still be in reach of most middle income students. Breslauer Bergeneau increase disparities in higher education and defeat the promise of equality of opportunity..


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