Pro Football Player Returns to UCLA

Jacksonville Jaguar and former UCLA star Maurice Jones-Drew is taking classes at the Westwood campus in his off season.

These days, when professional athletes aren't always the role models society might hope and expect them to be, football player Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jacksonville Jaguars might be one of the exceptions.

The running back, who was a star for UCLA from 2003-05, earning an All-American recognition and setting an NCAA single-season punt return average admittedly had a bad season. Terrible, in fact. His team ended up with the worst record in the NFL last season and the player himself suffered a season-destroying foot injury in late December, according to BleacherReport.com, but parents might believe he's the player kids should look up to.

Reports from the Westwood campus say this running back is running back to school—despite being on track to earn a reported salary of  $4,950,000 for the 2013-14 season, according to SportsCity.com.

GoJoeBruin.com reported this week the 27-year old is taking classes during his off season. Jones-Drew confirmed it with a tweet noting, "2 classes down one to go. #studentlife" and UCLA Football tweeted a photo of Jones-Drew with the text, "Another great Bruin returns! Look who's back in school."


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