BHHS Junior Says 'Let the Subway Go'

Danny Licht writes that the city of Beverly Hills and its school district should stop fighting the Westside Subway Extension.

In a blog posted Monday on Huff Post Teen, Beverly Hills High School junior Danny Licht writes that his hometown and school district should not spend "copious amounts of money to delay the improvement of public transit." 

The piece, titled "Beverly Hills, Let the Subway Go," argues that the Westside Subway Extension, which calls for tunneling under BHHS, is inevitable and should be completed for the greater good:

Besides the fact that the subway extension is in the best interest for countless Angelenos, fighting Metro is expensive and will probably be fruitless. The unofficial Beverly Hills way, it is said, is to sue. And suing drains all involved of money and can result in a war of attrition, which my school, despite its fancy name, cannot afford. It also, in effect, drives up the cost of the sued party's service, public transit in this case, which many of its customers cannot afford. 

To read the blog in full on The Huffington Post, click here.
To read about the city of Beverly Hills' lawsuit against Metro, click .
To read about the Beverly Hills Unified School District's lawsuit against Metro, click . 

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George Vreeland Hill July 17, 2012 at 01:45 AM
The only thing that is inevitable is the subway is going somewhere. The only question is where. I believe the BHUSD and the City of Beverly Hills have just cause for wanting to keep the subway from going under BHHS. Metro's studies leave many questions unanswered. That is not what we want in this situation.
Kent Walker July 17, 2012 at 03:17 PM
I really don't know what this kid is thinking there is gas and oil under the old girls field at the south end of the campus. The potential for something to go major wrong is obvious.
WM GOLDSTEIN July 17, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Right on, Dan Licht. This lawsuit is a gross waste of taxpayer dollars. What line item in the city budget does this money (to pay for legal services) come from?
cutop July 19, 2012 at 06:45 PM
I am so impressed by Danny's ability to articulate such a deeply complicated matter in such a lucid way. The people of Beverly Hills who have fallen for the hyperbolized safety concerns of tunneling under the high school are indeed like sheep lead astray by Mirisch, the Courier, and the Southwest Homeowners Association. Unfortunately, (to paraphrase Mark Twain), it's easier to fool someone then to convince that person he/she has been fooled. Believing in the fable which Mirisch, the Courier and the SW Homeowners Assoc. have spun, BH citizens standing against the Constellation route indeed have noble intentions. The problem is that SW Homeowners Assoc. has ignoble ones; chiefly, to protect their property values. Mirisch is their bought-and-paid-for politician. And the Courier is helmed by ne'er-do-well Tea Party ranter and failed oil man Clif Smith who will do anything to make Dems Villaraigosa and Yaroslavsky, as well as the gov't funded Metro look bad. I guarantee you that if the subway was a Republican driven measure which hired a private contractor to do the construction and operation, that Smith would support it even if it was above ground and went right through the school.
Simon July 21, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Metro should sue the Courier, that embarrassing rag.


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