State Assembly Bill Seeks to Disclose Political Ad Donors

AB 1148, the California Disclose Act, goes before the state Assembly Tuesday.

Public interest groups are urging citizens to back a bill up for a vote Tuesday in the California Assembly that would require the disclosure of large donors to political ads seen by voters across the state.

Under AB 1148, also known as the California Disclose Act, the three largest donors to political advertising on TV and radio as well as those in mailers and Web sites would need to be named.

"This would be a huge win for democracy in California, allowing citizens to give proper weight to the different messages they hear and make informed decisions at the ballot box," said MapLight, a nonprofit that tracks the influence of money in politics, in an email message to supporters.

The California Chamber of Commerce has announced its opposition, dimming its prospects, the San Jose Mercury News stated. However, the measure has been scheduled for a full vote in the assembly. 

Voters who want to share their thoughts on the proposal with their elected officials can search for their assembly members on the Sunlight Foundation Web site here. The foundation is a nonpartisan organization that uses technology for government openness and transparency.

Brentwood voters who want to share their thoughts on the proposal with 42nd Assembly District representative Mike Feuer (D-Los Angeles) can contact his office here.


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