SoCal Poll: Is Paul Ryan a Good Fit for Romney?

On Saturday, presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his running mate for the White House. Is Paul Ryan a good vice presidential choice? Tell us what you think.

After months of speculation about whom Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would pick to run with him, his choice was announced Saturday as Paul Ryan.

A Congressional representative from Wisconsin, Ryan is best known for his stance on Medicare and his suggested reductions to that and other social programs.

According to published reports, Ryan is a favorite among the Tea Party movement.

For a short biography on Ryan, please click here.

Patch wants to know what our readers think; please take our poll below and feel free to comment.

Joker Joe September 11, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Greenie If you were not ignorant you might of said were you kidding about what you said to your friend or were you serious? Instead you went on the attack, with Dan the man. For God sake I WAS JUST KIDDING about what I said. I was just kidding. You had to take it as a vendetta against racial reappointment. I did not. Your remarks are very ignorant and are designed, in my opinion, to inflame the commentators that do not agree with you and your son Obama. Both of you are losers in my book.(my opinion)
GreenInOC September 11, 2012 at 05:50 PM
@Bo Bo, what are you talking about? To be clear, you wrote, "If you were not ignorant you might of said were you kidding about what you said to your friend or were you serious?" - I have NO idea what you are talking about. You lied about being black, which makes you a liar. You are characterizing being called out on lying a "vendetta"? That's laughable. Take some responsibility for yourself. Quit trying to rebrand your lies and just admit that you lied and you are a liar. There's also the incident in one of your cut and paste frenzies where you willfully left out information that would have undermined one of your arguments. That is a lie too. This isn't about me, it's all about you.
Dan Avery September 11, 2012 at 06:15 PM
Bo Bo, I think @GreeninOC has pretty much nailed your coffin shut in a way that will be hard for people to ignore. You should talk with Brad Morton; he's been using different fake names that sound almost real to attack anyone who is exposing his Mission Viejo Council candidates as liars and cheats. His names actually seem real until you Google them and the only hit resolves back to the Patch. Plus they are never a registered voter in OC. Still he's a fair liar and could give you more skills.


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