Meet the Neighborhood Council Candidates: Lisa Chapman

Patch will publish interviews with Westwood Neighborhood Council candidates in the weeks leading up to the election.

Editor’s note: This is one of several articles in a series of profiles on Westwood Neighborhood Council candidates. Profiles will be published in the days leading up to the Oct. 28 election. Click here for more Patch election coverage.

Westwood Neighborhood Council candidate Lisa Chapman is running for a Faculty or Staff seat on the 19-seat board.

Westwood-Century City Patch: What issues have you prioritized during your time on the Westwood Neighborhood Council, and what will you focus on if re-elected?

Lisa Chapman: I have prioritized community issues that have come before our council, and have tried to do so in a thoughtful, careful way. Obviously, the Broxton garage issue was a large priority right as we began as a council, and we worked very well as a council on this and other issues. I want to help bring Westwood back again, to have it address the needs and desires of the entire community and become a first choice destination for all residents. This is going to take hard work and diligence on our part, and the community as a whole. In the long run, it will benefit all stakeholders in our area. I have tried to work towards creating a new and better relationship between UCLA and this community. I will continue to make this a real priority in my second term on the council.

Patch: Are you involved with any local organizations? Which one(s)?

Chapman: Yes, I have always been heavily involved in volunteering in my community. I have chaired many events at Warner Ave. Elementary, and continue to do so at Paul Revere Middle School. I have also been an active volunteer through AYSO Region 70 soccer, Santa Monica United Club Soccer, West L.A. Little League, and 8 Count Dance Academy. I am a co-founder of an educational nonprofit that has worked to strengthen the academics in our local Middle and High Schools. I continue to volunteer my time with the Westwood Neighborhood Council and all the activities that we help to sponsor in the community.

Patch: What local issue is most important to you and what’s your position on it?

Chapman: I really think, if I have to choose one issue, it would be to work towards bringing Westwood Village back to its former glory. Working on solving the homelessness issues in Westwood, and bringing more and better businesses into the Village. This is a unique and beautiful enclave in a wonderful community that I believe can thrive and flourish once again. It needs the assistance of many groups to turn things around. I also believe that the sometimes tenuous relationship between UCLA and the community is in deep need of repair.

Patch: List one or two things you accomplished or contributed to in your last term on the Westwood Neighborhood Council. Is there anything other issue you would have approached differently?

Chapman: We all have worked diligently on every task presented to us as a council, and I truly believe we have been one of the most active and successful councils in the system. We have agreed and disagreed on may issues, but for important agenda items that affect Westwood directly, we have found a way to do what is best for our community, for all stakeholders. One example is the fight to keep the city from selling the garages, including our Westwood Broxton garage. We had support from many other entities and surrounding neighborhood councils, and it was a wonderful example of a community coming together to fight for what was sane and right, from many groups and individuals. I am proud of our work in helping our community through the disbursement of Neighborhood Purpose Grants to eligible nonprofits. This has helped many community groups and stakeholders of all ages that benefit from added activities and offerings from these groups. I don't know if I would have approached any issues differently. I think we learn as individuals and groups from our successes and also from our mistakes.

Patch: What's one thing most constituents don't know about you?

Chapman: I'm a pretty open book. I usually say just how I feel. I am a homeowner in Westwood, my husband is a merchant and property owner in Westwood, I love Westwood and feel so lucky to be here. Being from Nebraska, I still feel that moving to Los Angeles 28 years ago was one of the best choices I've ever made. I have three kids, a son that is in his last year of college, a stepson who just graduated from culinary school, and a daughter who is 13 and an 8th grader. I love my family. I began a career at UCLA as a staff nurse 26 years ago, and have worked hard to move up the career ladder here, doing research for several years in GI bleeding, and then on to direct two medical programs, the UCLA Executive Health Program, and the UCLA Medical Hospitality Program. I am so proud to work at UCLA, and to be a part of this wonderful community. I am a rabid college football fan (the Huskers are my team, and the Bruins after that). I love to travel, read, and all of the arts.

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