Construction Moves Forward on Lagoon Dike

Construction is ahead of schedule on the dike which will eventually be used for public beach access.

Construction on the dike, separating the main body of the lagoon from the back channels, is moving forward at the Malibu Lagoon.

The project is due to the lower water level of the lagoon, caused when a sand berm separating the Malibu Lagoon from the ocean burst, draining most of the water from the back channels of the Lagoon. 

Davide Ruth, a liaison between California State Parks, the lead agency on the project and the contractor, said that the 10-foot-wide dike will eventually be used for public beach access.

Opponents of the project, who have been watching the progress from the Pacific Coast Highway bridge, said Friday they are concerned about the work because of the open berm. They fear sediment from the channels will travel out of the lagoon and into the nearby ocean.

Patch will be posting a new video, documenting the progress on the construction of the Malibu Lagoon each day this week. Have any videos or pictures of your own to share? Post them here!

Athena Shlien June 19, 2012 at 09:22 PM
They destroyed our lagoon:(
Ted Vaill June 20, 2012 at 02:51 PM
The "bursting"of the sand berm was obviously done by the contractor on the job in the wee hours of a Sunday morning with a bulldozer when noone was supposedly looking. The breach was a straight line near Second Point not Third Point where surfers in the past have hand shoveled a breach, and the new breach neatly solved the State's dewatering problem for the Lagoon. Were laws broken? Probably yes, as the Coastal Commission has prohibited man-made breaches of the berm. More to come on this, and we will find out who did it.
Hans Laetz June 20, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Obviously? Why? It appears that the sudden dewatering threw a monkeywrench into the state's dewatering plan. If anything, it served to breed suspicion and distrust amongst the conspiracy theorists out there. At the very least, it made the state look like a boogy man. The Coastal Commission executive director said at the last meeting that the lagoon breached itself with no human involvement. Clearly, the lagoon elevation was within inches of overtopping the berm that night, and weather and tide conditions could have caused waves to overwash, causing the breach. Ted, I respect your enthusiasm and effort on this. But I think you owe it to us to either show us what your "obvious" evidence is -- or end the speculation and conspiracy theory mongering,
hellwood June 20, 2012 at 07:07 PM
the breach was started by hand a week before, even though Hans will say the work was done by kids with plastic shovels. the bulldozer theory is not realistic. the attempted breach was noticed on June 3, and the tide was swinging to a 7.0, which is the highest it got all month, and it didn't blow out that night. the water level in the lagoon under these circumstances was easily a foot or more below the berm at the berm's lowest point. on the night of the breach, there was minimal tidal swing, never reaching more than a height of 4.2. there was no real swell of any significance, just a close interval WNW wind swell, and a light south wind in the evening at best if I remember correctly. I dont remember the offshore wind that Hans is speaking of. so...if Tapia is honest about not discharging, it was "obviously" completed by hand. add this to the long list of mysteries here in malibu.


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