Key California Democrats Feel More Upbeat Post-Convention Than Republicans

What did influential California Democrats and Republicans have to say about their party convention? Find out the results of our Patch survey of influential party members.

California's influential Democrats came away from their national convention feeling significantly more optimistic that Barack Obama will win a second term than Republicans felt post-convention about GOP candidate Mitt Romney disrupting those plans.

Patch recently surveyed key members of both major parties to gauge their responses to their own party's convention — and that of their opponents.

Of 72 influential Democrats who received the survey, 25 responded with their thoughts on President Obama's chances of reelection. The California Republicans surveyed had a higher response rate: 41 out of 87 responded to our survey.

Overall, about 80 percent of the Democrats felt more optimistic about Obama's prospects after the party convention, while about 49 percent of Republicans felt better about Romney's chances.

About 10 percent of Republicans said they felt less confident in their candidate after the convention while 42 percent of Republicans said the convention did not change their opinions about Romney's chances in November.

No California Democrat surveyed said he or she felt less confident in Obama's chances after the convention.

But representatives from both parties are not all that confident that their party's convention festivities will heavily influence the outcome of the November presidential election.

Speeches by Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama were the highlights of the convention for many of the Democrats who responded to our survey.

"Two words. Bill Clinton," one of the Democrats said.

Another wrote: "Michelle Obama's speech illustrating the deep, personal connection that the President and his family have to the struggles of average Americans." 

Several Republicans who responded to our survey agreed, pointing to speeches by Clinton and the first lady as presentations that Democrats did right at the convention.

"They chose Bill Clinton, silver-tongued devil, to do his thing," wrote one Republican. "Bubba can deliver the goods."

On the other hand, Republicans had mixed reviews of Clint Eastwood's speech at the Republican National Convention. While some said it was the highlight of the convention, others said it was a little more embarrassing.

"I think the empty chair is a visual of an AWOL President which will stick with us throughout the campaign thanks to the ramblings of Clint Eastwood," one Republican wrote.

"Unfortunately, Eastwood," was one Republican's response to our question about a misstep at the Republican National Convention. "He became the talk instead of Romney. But the talk of his performance probably drew millions of people to his speech, who otherwise would not have listened to negative comments about Obama."

Some Democrats agreed with Republicans that Clint Eastwood's speech was a miscalculation.

"The Eastwood dialogue with the empty chair was an interesting bit of performance art but far too abstract and rambling for such an event and it has become a meme for the GOP itself," wrote one Democrat. "Strange, out of touch and defying common sense."

The majority of the key Democrats who responded to our survey could not name a highlight of the RNC. Some mentioned speeches by Condoleezza Rice and Ann Romney, and others said Hurricane Isaac and an economic bump for Tampa.

Many Republicans who responded to our survey said the biggest missteps of the Democratic National Convention were the votes to exclude the word "God" and recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel from the party platform.

How much will the conventions affect the outcome of the November election?

Influential Republicans told Patch that both conventions will not weigh heavily on the outcome of the election. Five percent said it would be a big effect and 34 percent said the conventions will have somewhat of an effect, while 54 percent said it would not have much of an effect and 7 percent said the conventions would have no effect at all.

Democrats responded similarly. Sixteen percent said the conventions will have a big effect on the election's outcome and 48 percent said it would have somewhat of an effect, while 32 percent said it would not have much of an effect and 4 percent said the conventions would have no effect at all.

Did the candidates make a strong case for why they should be elected?

Most of the Republicans and Democrats surveyed said their party's candidate made a good case for why he should be elected president in November. Of the Republicans surveyed, about 44 percent said they strongly agreed that Romney made a convincing case for his election. Forty-eight percent of the Democrats said they strongly agreed that the president made a strong case for his re-election.

Patch’s Red and Blue California Surveys

Our surveys are not a scientific random sample of any larger population but rather an effort to listen to a swath of influential local Republican and Democratic activists, party leaders and elected officials in California. All of these individuals have agreed to participate in the surveys, although not all responded to this latest set of questions.

Patch will be conducting Red California and Blue California surveys throughout 2012 in hopes of determining the true sentiment of conservatives and liberals on the ground in California. Below are rosters of the California party members who have agreed to take our surveys. If you are an activist, party leader or elected official and would like to take part in these surveys that last just a few minutes, please email Sandra.Oshiro@Patch.com

Red California Survey roster: Richard Adams (Studio City Neighborhood Council safety chief); Gary Aminoff (San Fernando Valley Republicans president); Bob Angel (voter); Michael Antonovich (Los Angeles County supervisor); Steve Baric (California Republican Party vice chair); Tony Beall (Rancho Santa Margarita City Council member); Nick Biddle (activist); Susan Blau (Studio City political activist); Galina Bondar (former chief of staff); Dion Bracco (Gilroy Council member, mayoral candidate); Carl Brickey (Cosumnes Republican Assembly president); Daniel M. Brown (San Francisco GOP Central Committee member); Sue Caro (County GOP chairwoman); Scott Carpenter (Orange County political blogger); Jenny Cartell (Birth Choice anti-abortion ministry executive director); Tamara Colbert (Tea Party member); John Colbert (former Republican candidate for Congress); Dylan Conroy (Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council representative); Irene DeBlasio (Republican activist); Steve Detrick (Elk Grove City Council member); Ben DiBenedetto (Studio City Neighborhood Council board member); Jane Diehl (Redondo Beach school board member); Chip Dykes (Oceanside City Council candidate); Laura Emdee (Redondo Beach school board member); Peter Fleming (Realtor); Heidi Gallegos (Rowland Unified School District Board member); Andrew Gayner (Carmichael Patch blogger); Mike Gin (Redondo Beach mayor); Debbie Giordana (City Council member); Gil Gonzalez (State Senate candidate); Bonnie Gore (Roseville City Council candidate); Ty Greaves (Berryessa Milpitas Republican Assembly president); David Hall (Mt. San Antonio College Board trustee); Kevin Hangman (RCC president); Greg Higley (Elk Grove mayoral candidate); Patrick Johnson (assistant campaign treasurer); Ernest Koeppen (La Canada Flintridge resident); Becky Kolberg (Contra Costa GOP chair); Bob Kowell (Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly president); Greg Krikorian (State Assembly candidate); Randon Lane (Murrieta City Councilman); Jim Light (balanced-growth advocate); Patrice Lynes (activist); Morgan Martinez (former governor aide); Larry Masuoka (San Juan Unified School District Board member); Brad McGirr (Rancho Santa Margarita planning commissioner); Gina McNelley (Capistrano Valley Republican Women Federated member); Bridget Melson (East Bay Tea Party chair); Mark Meuser (State Senate candidate); Nathan Mintz (former State Assembly candidate); Larry Molton (California GOP member); Nina Mourning (Carmichael Republican); Roger Niello (Sacramento County Chamber of Commerce president); Chris Orrock (Elk Grove Republicans Club head); Barbara Ortega (former State Assembly candidate); Gayle Pacheco (Republican Women Federated member); Chris Pareja (congressional candidate); Aaron Park (Placer County Republican Assembly president); Al Phillips (State Assembly candidate); Mary Piepho (Contra Costa County supervisor); Pam Pinkston (Carmichael Tea Party leader); Mark Pruner (Yolo County Republican Party president); Al Restivo (Former La Canada Republicans Club president); Matt Rexroad (Yolo County supervisor); Pauline Roccucci (Roseville Mayor); Elizabeth Sanford (political consultant); Bill Saracino (State Assembly District 43rd chair); Sophia Scherman (Elk Grove City Council member); Scott Schmidt (Former LA Chapter Log Cabin Republicans president); Howard Schmidt (chief of staff for Sacramento County supervisor); Nick Shih (activist); Suzanne St. John (activist); Jay Stern (State Assembly candidate); Mary Su (Walnut mayor); Gino Sund (Altadena Town Council member); Oksana Svityashchuk (campaign public relations); Jim Tapscot (Ramona TEA'D group member); Peter Tateishi (State Assembly candidate); Brad Torgan (LA Chapter Log Cabin Republicans president); Phillip Tufi (former State Assembly candidate); Valentina Vasilchuk (campaign media officer); Steve Vaus (city budget review committee member); Bob Walters (former San Juan Unified School Board member); Gary Walton (business owner); Kevin Waterson (college administrator); John Webb (businessman).

Blue California roster:  Peter Arellano (Gilroy council member); Anita Avrick (Redondo Beach school board member); Michael Barber (San Mateo supervisor's aide); Kathy Bisbee (CMAP executive director); Gary Bienner (former supervisor candidate); Reginald Bronner (former State Assembly candidate); Jennifer Browning (campaign volunteer); David Burruto (San Mateo County Democratic Party chair); Ralph Carhart (Fair Oaks recreation and parks district board member); Nancy Chaires (Elk Grove planning commissioner); Jay Chen (congressional candidate); Norman Chramoff (Democratic Party member); Ken Cooley (State Assembly candidate); Joice Corridori (Agoura political activist); Payne Domingo (Gilroy school board trustee); James Donnelly (Democratic Club president); John Duran (West Hollywood councilman); Pablo Espinoza (media director); Lucas Frerichs (Davis city councilman); Michelle Garcia (party member); Gary Giacomo (Democratic Club member); Joanne Gifford (DNC delegate); Armando Gomez (Milpitas councilman); Marsha Grilli (school board member); Alan Haskvitz (teacher); Don Helverson (teacher); Lindsey Horvath (city council member); Howard Hwang (party member); Juliana Inman (city council member); Louise Jaffe (college trustee); Sarah Johnson (community activist); Jessie Kallman (Democratic Club executive director); Michael Kapp (political activist); Ro Khanna (former Obama administration official); Kris Kingdon (former chamber executive director); Karen Knecht (Democratic Club member); Jeff Kravitz (attorney); Keith LaMar (activist); Kristina Lawson (city council member); Dotty LeMieux (Democratic Central Committee of Marin first vice-chair); Todd Loewenstein (school board member); Mary Ann Mancuso (party member); Jennifer Mason Wolfe (teacher); Richard M. Mathews (LACDP vice-chair, Region 1); Gary Miller (county party central committee member); Vince Monroy (communications director); Katrina Morales (activist); Harry Munns (harbor commissioner); Mark Nielsen (former mayor); Don Nottoli (supervisor); Marc Perkel (church founder); Jeffrey Prang (mayor); Diana Prola (school board member); Kish Rajan (city council member); Linda Rubin (party member); Ilona Saari (author); Tony Santos (former mayor); Tim Sbranti (mayor); Jane Schafer-Kramer (labor union activist); Bob Schelen (county party chair); Darren Suen (former city council candidate); Joe Terry (talk show host); Robin Torello (Democrat Club chairwoman); James Tsai (party member); Cat Tucker (Gilroy mayor pro tempore); Mark van Gorder (supervisor candidate); Ron Varasteh (congressional candidate); Jill Wain Meniatis (Democratic Club member); John Walker (neighborhood council president); Lee Walkup (party member); Shelia Young (former mayor); Laurence Zakson (convention delegate)

The MOG September 20, 2012 at 07:01 AM
@Scott Ferguson, Some more thoughts...Your analysis is over simplistic, that's why the ABSURD post. BTW, your assertion, vis a vis Prop. 13, is a well known, and easily debunkable Democratic Talking Point. Designed to forment division & class envy,& perpetuate the evil 1% Myth. IMHO, CA's economic woes are primarily the result of insane public service compensation/pension obligations, & the massive influx of illegal labor spanning nearly 3 1/2 decades; sucking 9 Bil. anually (that's just about 1/2 of CA deficit.) in remittances to Mexico alone, as well as unfunded mandates/entitlements; the fiscally irresoncible policies of a long standing liberal democratic legislature. Oh, what else could it be? Yuppies, & wannabes taking out equity from the roof over thier heads? Using their homes as a personal ATM? Filing fraudalent loan docs, over stating assets,& ability to repay? Or some nefarious cabal of faceless International Boogymen, "Banksters?" I know, I know...you want to thank me again for "helping re-elect Obama", follow-up with yet another dem. talking point, ignore all and any facts I made, don't bother to offer any meaningful rebuttal, stick to Alinski's Rules For Radicals,i.e. Debate stragedy of ignore, evade, incessent ad homien attack. Honestly! It's getting old.
Watts September 20, 2012 at 07:53 AM
I guess you had to be there. Without knowing the episode, those few lines actually make it less clear. But you know what they say about having to explain jokes. Probably not worth it now. The moment is passed.
Paul September 20, 2012 at 05:00 PM
The liberal democrats have destroyed California! The state is broke because of there failed policies.
Russell Smith September 20, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Oooooh, you're so sexy. Who ya trying to pick up with that photo? Why would anybody take you seriously with a photo like that. Just stand there and look pretty and keep your mouth shut.
Russell Smith September 20, 2012 at 10:44 PM
Pretty boy, it's "their." Why don't you take a class on grammar before embarrassing yourself further. Obama is the greatest president since FDR. Thank God he was there to save the auto industry, which your boyfriend Romney wanted to let fail, calling it "socialism." Dogmatic ideologies are what are destroying this country. Obama, the first Black, not "half black" you racist pig, President is a hero that we can look up to. He's got more brains in his stool samples than you do in your empty head.
Paul September 21, 2012 at 07:06 AM
Obviously Russell Doesn't know that Obama is half white? His mother was white idiot! No racism here. If that were true, I would be racist against white people also. BTW, president Bush began the bail out before leaving the while house. Obama continued what Bush started. Many in the republican party were against the bail out. Obama has been a huge disappointment after his lovely words at his ingratiation back in 2009. If re-elected expect more of the same. Sadly, it looks like we are going to have 4 more years of hell! Oh well, hopefully Hillary Clinton will again run for president in 2016? If so we will have yet another Clinton to clean up the mess left by the last two administrations. Hillary Clinton 2016!
Panglonymous September 21, 2012 at 03:04 PM
Yup, back to poll positions, then... ;-)
Malibu Magoo September 21, 2012 at 04:14 PM
it is interesting to note the 7 of the 10 states with lowest unemployment have Republican governors (and, yes, you may fact-check that)... Dems have been irrelevant in Cali for 25 years. You can't get elected in this state unless the unions back you. Even if you're a Dem, if you aren't on their team, they will run someone against you in the primary. This was made frighteningly transparent by the recent vote AGAINST dismissals of pedophile teachers in Sacramento. Despicable. As with national politics, it seems he/she who promises the most goodies wins. There are no more goodies. We can't keep our promises. At some point, you run out of rich people to tax (there are 32% fewer with incomes over 500k in Cali since 2006). Can anyone point to a society in the history of the world that taxed itself into prosperity?
Linda Vallejo September 27, 2012 at 02:05 AM
Ii thought this article was hilarious! They think that Democrats are more upbeat than Republicans regarding upcoming elections! I could care less about upbeat. I care about being informed. Show me one upbeat soldier that was going to war and gave it his all -- and won! Upbeat?! How many of the Olympic athletes looked upbeat when they were struggling for the gold? Who cares what they thought or looked like --- THEY WON! This article is way beneath you Malibu Patch. Bring it on -- I'd rather be the slow methodical tortoise that won, than the foolish grinning upbeat hare!
Irene DeBlasio September 27, 2012 at 05:07 AM
If President Obama wins in November, it's going to take him at least four more years to clean up the mess he's inheriting! Thanks for quoting me so often in the original post above. The Empty Chair by Clint Eastwood was to symbolize our AWOL President -- it is the image most of us took home with us from the RNC Convention. Although I must say the scene of our Mayor conducting the voting at the DNC regarding the omission of 'God' and 'Jerusalem' was amusing. Conventions are simply big celebrations -- voters are not swayed to run out and reregister or change their party affiliation. Party platforms won't influence people either. Right now we have huge problems with foreign policy. What happened to our embassy and ambassador (plus three other brave souls) in Libya was a terrorist attack. Sorry, but it was NOT a 'bump in the road'. It happened on the anniversary of 9/11 and we should have been more vigilant about adding security. The entire region is erupting. Our economy is still on life supports, the housing market is still facing foreclosures, our credit rating is about to take another downgrade, the price of gas is still high and the DWP is raising rates -- higher energy rates cause higher food prices. We've also got a bill of $16 trillion to pay off. We can all play 'Peter Pan' and refuse to grow up but we can't afford to continue on this reckless course pretending that things are improving. They're not!
Irene DeBlasio September 27, 2012 at 05:12 AM
Oh yeah, one more thing...there's talk of General Motors finally declaring... (never mind).
Linda Vallejo September 27, 2012 at 06:00 AM
Sara, you're right about Clinton the silver-tongued devil. After all democrats believed him when looked straight into the camera and said " I want the American people to know that I did not have sex with THAT woman!" That is a master liar or gullible people. As for Democrats more upbeat - what is that all about?! Frankly my dear, that's probably because they insist on being clueless. I'd rather be sober-minded and well informed.
Irene DeBlasio September 27, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Linda, My name is Irene -- it was my comment about Bill Clinton being a silver-tongued devil. No, it's not simply the Monica chapter but the fact that he was disbarred, accused of rape, impeached for lying (and according to reliable sources apparently paid some $800,000 to Paula Jones). We now have a tragic situation where we were told that our embassy in Libya was destroyed, our ambassador there was murdered and dragged through the streets, three other brave people who worked at the embassy were also murdered due to a 'demonstration' (in reaction to an Internet movie trailer). A bold-faced lie? We had advanced warning about this terrorist attack on our soil (yes, our embassy is considered to be our soil), yet no precaustions were taken to protect our embassy, ambassador, nor personnel there. It is now 16 days later and nobody has been charged with this crime. This is outrageous! Our foreign policy cannot be based upon the fact that POTUS ordered the disposal of bin Laden, ending our problems in that area!
Linda Vallejo September 27, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Irene you're so right about that!
Irene DeBlasio September 28, 2012 at 12:28 AM
We need answers. We have the return address for these terrorists. We don't need a phony 'investigation' and we shouldn't waste any more precious time, effort or money. We want justice.
Eric September 28, 2012 at 02:16 AM
@ Tim Sole Tim, I'm not familiar with the "NRLB", would that be the "National Rabor Lelations Board"? You are correct that unemployment figures do not take into account underemployment, but if you did a little research before your rant you'd find that underemployment has also mildly improved. SOURCE: http://www.gallup.com/poll/156404/unadjusted-unemployment-rate-increases-july.aspx#1 "Man up" and do some research before opening your mouth.
Eric September 28, 2012 at 02:30 AM
@The MOG I'm afraid you're wrong MOG. Individual income tax returns are private information and even the US President is protected by law from having them disclosed without authorization. After huge amounts of public pressure, Romney released just 1 year of his individual income taxes, which revealed that he paid a lower percentage in taxes than a person earning $50,000 per year. Romney's income was around $22 million that year.
Eric September 28, 2012 at 03:22 AM
Once again, MOG, you are misinformed. Prop 13 is directly responsible for the lack of funding we see today for schools, prisons, construction projects, local governments, etc.. This proposition was passed during a boom in US economic growth and was a revolt against rising property taxes due to increases in property values. It resulted in severely limited funding for public services, particularly education. California went from one of the best school systems in the nation to our current rating as 48th. Prop 13 has practically frozen the economy by providing a huge disincentive for selling property and by severely limiting much needed funding for public services that you and I both use. This isn't a talking point. This is fact. If this is so easily debunked then please do so without the ignore/evade strategy that you yourself are using. It really is getting old. Your "humble opinion" means jack if not backed by facts.
Eric September 28, 2012 at 03:37 AM
Irene, while I don't entirely agree with your political view, I sincerely appreciate that you are expressing an INFORMED opinion. You seem to be outnumbered, not by liberals, but by severely uninformed conservatives such as Paul and MOG.
Irene DeBlasio September 28, 2012 at 04:59 AM
Eric, I'm flattered that you took the time to comment in such a respectful way. It's been my experience that people who disagree with me tend to scream annoying epithets ("you right-wing nut job"). I am actually a fiscal conservative who believes in 'limited government' -- as described in the Constitution. I think it's time we grew up, took responsibility and started paying our debts. We should be giving those who live on or below the poverty level more incentive to learn new job skills. We can harness the expertise of lots of senior citizens to teach younger unemployed people certain practical trades, crafts and skills -- as tutors and mentors. There are lots of brilliant oldtimers who would volunteer their time and talent. Before the minumum wage began rising there were gas jockies at gas stations who would pump gas, check your oil, tires and clean your windshield. They learned everything they could about cars -- engine repairs, oil change, tire repair, etc. They were junior mechanics who became proficient. With our present unemployment figures and the price of gas being so high it would be helpful to have some young people performing this type of service again. There are lots of ideas out there for putting people back to work but it takes planning, effort, direction and innovation. The government would rather hand out money than be bothered to formulate a rational plan to create incentives for people to become productive and independent. We can do better.
The MOG September 28, 2012 at 06:22 AM
Excuse me for saying so, Eric, but your statements are opinions, not facts. The fact of the matter is that Prop. 13 kept a lot of homeowners, many elderly, from losing the roofs over their heads, to the encroaching conviscatoring powers of Government. Am I mistaken, or has LAUSD been on a bit of a building boom, for last few decades? Have to keep up with the ever increasing class sizes, the ever increasing numbers of foriegn speaking students, who add another hurtle to the learning process? Don't you consider that a student, whose only language may be the tounge of his Mother Land, English, would have a diffecult time learning subjects, when 1/2 that class doesn't speak English? Be honest, could that have ANYthing to do with the fact that 1/2 the student body of LAUSD will fail to graduate? But times are changing now. People are changing, and so are attitudes. There are a new generation of Americans today, so-called Dreamers, and they are seeking their own share of the pie, and they will not be detered. Prop. 13 did not prevent the successes we've seen at Burbank Middle School, or Aldama Elementary. If that were not so, then I'd say you have a little more of an argument. The fact of the matter is that as far as Prop.13 is concerned, that horse has been dead for a long time now. Why must antiquated neo-libs continue to beat it? I'm getting a liitle tired of it, aren't you?
Eric September 28, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Indeed you are mistaken, MOG. Education needs to be measured in terms of quality, not just quantity. Building new schools is great, but the quality of education in this state is horrendous. This IS a direct result of lack of funding, which IS a direct result of the cap on property taxes due to the passage of prop 13. Those are the facts no matter how you try to spin it, but don't take my word for it. Do some research and you'll be hard pressed to support your claims... http://www.arc.org/content/view/100/217/ "Late 1970s The so-called "taxpayers' revolt" leads to the passage of Proposition 13 in California, and copy-cat measures like Proposition 2-1/2 in Massachusetts. These propositions freeze property taxes, which are a major source of funding for public schools. As a result, in twenty years California drops from first in the nation in per-student spending in 1978 to number 43 in 1998." Prop 13 was extremely short-sighted. It is a fact that education is largely funded by property taxes. It is also a fact that the passage of prop 13 limited this funding and was extremely detrimental to the quality of education in this state. You're welcome to your opinion, MOG, but if you're claiming that what I've stated above is not factual, then you are incorrect.
Eric September 28, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Your comments about the problem with foreign students, MOG, are also misdirected. The Progressive Era was the period of our largest boom in education. This also coincided with one of the largest periods of immigration into the US, primarily from non-English speaking European countries. Multiple languages used to be spoken in US schools, but that is now considered taboo. As a result, non-English speaking students have fallen far behind the curve. You are correct that a large number of non-English speakers will struggle to graduate, but your argument doesn't address the severe budget shortages that have resulted from prop 13. The fact remains that: *School spending in California is at a 40-year low. *Since 1981-1982 California has consistently spent less on education than the rest of the US. Today, we now spend about half as much as New York or New Jersey. *16 of California’s largest school districts are reducing the number of school days this year because they can’t afford to stay open. *Per pupil property tax revenue reduced by more than half. *California now ranks 44th in per-pupil spending among all the states (2009-10). *California ranks 50th in the ratio of students to teachers (2009-10) This article doesn't support your claim that "LAUSD been on a bit of a building boom, for last few decades": http://californiawatch.org/k-12/majority-states-largest-districts-shrink-school-calendar-amid-budget-crisis I'd be interested in seeing your sources...
Eric September 28, 2012 at 11:38 PM
Like I said, I appreciate your informed opinion even though I don't necessarily agree with your view. I disagree that the government would rather hand out money than formulate a rational plan. The social programs we have in this country continue to help millions of struggling people. Yes, there are those that take advantage of certain benefits... unemployment, disability, etc.., but the overwhelming majority of people receiving such benefits really do need them.
nonoise September 29, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Eric, government benefits are no longer just the hand out of the 1960's. They are a crutch that keep people down and dependent of them instead of looking for a good paying job or getting a job at all. You have to stay "low income" in order to keep the government freebies. The democrats keep people down by providing government freebies. There is no incentive to work hard or even work at all. Many people recieving government benefits do NOT really need them. Food stamps, welfare, section 8, ect. are given to those that should not be receiving it. (Called welfare fraud). Some cheat by living with the kids dad when they say they don't, say have no idea where the dad is, get money from other sources, and many have multiple kids for more welfare money, ect. Democrats have destroyed the family by separating fathers from the family so government freebies can be given. Welfare used to feed those that had no food and/or only ate rice and beans. Those days are long gone except for a few. I have no problem giving assistance to those that truly need it and that means people that are hungry and/or homeless. But those are few. Just take a look at the Food4Less stores where people use their EBT card and buy tobacco and liquor with it and then walk out to their newer cars and their cell phones. And, look at the cheap garbage food they buy for their kids so they can pay for their "goodies". Many on the welfare rollls have way more than hard working people.
Eric September 29, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Nonoise, are you still caught up with the idea of "welfare queens" that Reagan essential made-up in the 70's?? I'm the first to say that this is far from a perfect system, and I would agree that many people receiving government benefits really do not need them, but these are criminals that are committing fraud and shouldn't be lumped in with the poor. Accurate figures are hard to come by, but if you look at unskewed statistics, less than 2% of people on welfare are committing fraud. The majority of fraud in the welfare system comes from the vendors themselves. It makes me sad when people like you blame the poor for their situation. Do you think you could support yourself in a minimum wage job without benefits? Many welfare recipients work multiple jobs and still struggle to make ends meet. The ridiculous anecdote that you've provided is just that. Ridiculous!! Do you honestly regularly witness people using their EBT card to buy liquor and cigarettes at Food4Less stores and then walk out to their brand new car while talking on their cell phone? Let me guess, you've read about it, right? Welfare programs are successful. President Johnson's "war on poverty" reduced poverty to 12%, down from around 23%. The level of poverty hovered around 11% for the next 2 decades until Reagan cut the budget for welfare programs and the poverty level rose to around 15%. To say that only a few people receiving welfare benefits actually need them is simply ignorant.
nonoise September 29, 2012 at 11:42 PM
Eric, I hate to lump those criminals in with the really poor people. I know there are many people that are the working poor and just plain need help. I have great respect for them. But spend anytime shopping at Food4Less and you will see what I am talking about. I only see welfare programs being successful when they are educating those that need them about family issues (not having too many kids they can not afford), food education, and job education. There are some success stories to be proud of. But then there are many that just want a "freebie". Hang out at Food4Less on a Friday or Saturday night. You will see what I am talking about.
nonoise September 29, 2012 at 11:44 PM
Helping the poor does not just mean giving a freebie. True help also comes with education, with a few exceptions like the disabled.
The MOG September 30, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Let me say, back when Radio Shack was a wooden corner store on a dirt lot, and cola was 15 cents, a Hostess Fruit Pie 25 cents, my mother would give me a dollar food stamp to spend every week...but you don't measure compassion by how many people are dependent on Gov. for their food! You measure compassion by how many people are empowered with jobs so they have the dignity to sustain themselves. The majority of funding for welfare doesn't go to the truly needy. It goes for administrative jobs, overhead, worker retirement packages, etc. I'd ask you to consider that Social Security suppliments the Middle Class Life-Style of fortunate ones, who will get back far more than they contribute, rather than provide a decent standard of living for an eldery widow, or orphaned child. We want a society that fosters a society that favors & rewards hard work (Something the Pres. knows nothing about btw) rather than the conditions of economic dependency. Economic freedom is the requiste for personal liberty. The Right to pursue ownership, engage in business, & to keep your earnings for your own purposes, not Government. Gov. is created for the people, not the other way around. I've got my eye on Food4Less ( I see the Food, where's the 4Less?) if what nonoise says is true, it's illegal & a violation of land use, which HHPNC has input. Just like when they wanted to sell booze all hours. No way Jose. Not gonna happen!
Alex Daniels October 22, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Obama is over...thank GOD!!!


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