Agencies Working Toward Peaceful Start to Malibu Lagoon Project

If all efforts to delay the start of the project fail, many plan to protest the beginning of the project on June 1.

With emotions running high about the planned June 1 start of the overhaul of the Malibu Lagoon, California State Parks, the lead agency on the project, met with local law enforcement agencies Wednesday.

State Parks is working with the Los Angeles County sheriff's department, fire department, lifeguards, and supervisor's office, as well as the California Highway Patrol, National Parks, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority and the city of Malibu "to help ensure a peaceful orderly, and safe project," according to a joint statement released by the groups.

The meeting was called by State Parks Wednesday to discuss the expected June 1 start of the lagoon project.

Several groups and the Malibu City Council have been working to delay the start date until all questions are answered about the project.

On Monday, the council sent a letter to the Coastal Commission to ask for some changes to a. An was filed earlier this month by three environmental groups in a lawsuit against the state's plan to modify the Malibu Lagoon.

If the attempts to halt the project fail, many residents and local environmental activists plan to protest on June 1.

Hamish Patterson, who plans to be at the protest, said he is advocating for a peaceful event.

"Anyone instigating violence is not welcome," Patterson said. "We're there to express our first amendment rights. Anyone promoting violence is out."

He added that he will do what it takes to stop the project, but that he will also work just as hard to keep the "energy from being violent."

Andy Lyon, who has also advocated for a stop to the Malibu Lagoon project, said he also hopes for a peaceful event.

Andy Lyon May 18, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Making these comments under a fake name ?? I had to be contained ? Are you trying to make people think that I was restrained by anyone? Who did I flip off ? Someone like you that makes claims like this ?? Or someone that has been personally attacking me for over a year and a half ?? You insinuate here that I am doing something that constitutes threatening behavior. That to me seems to be singling me out and making me a target ... that makes me feel threatened. Most importantly ... I'm not the group that is meeting with all these agencies making plans for June 1st, Park Rangers are. They carry guns, not me ! Does anyone remember the Tapia Park incident where they shot and killed a guy and got off? just saying.
Andy Lyon May 18, 2012 at 08:44 PM
ark Ranger Fatally Shoots L.A. Man in Hills Above Malibu Monday, August 06, 2007 Email Print Report a typo ShareThis via email, AIM, social bookmarking and networking sites, etc. MALIBU, Aug. 5, 2007 (none) -- An investigator in the coroner's office Sunday confirmed the identity of the 29-year-old South Los Angeles man who was shot and killed by a California State Park Ranger in Tapia Park in the hills above Malibu. Arturo Guzman was initially identified by his relatives, and Sunday coroner's investigator Selena Barros confirmed that Guzman was the man behind the wheel of a car who allegedly drove at the park ranger Saturday afternoon when the ranger was checking reports of gunfire. After the ranger fired his weapon, three other persons ran into the hills, said Sgt. Rich Pena of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. "I believe the person killed was shot (by) the park ranger," Pena said. All three suspects were found, questioned, and released. No source of the original gunfire was found while officers from several law enforcement agencies swarmed the popular park.
M Stanley May 18, 2012 at 08:48 PM
Hans, what gun was found? Your own article covering this situation stated that no gun was found during the investigation. Is this your "opinion" of the individuals in the vehicle or is it factual information revealed during the investigation. Your original article also stated that the park ranger was bumped, no injuries and no medical attention required. Why escalate the truth that you reported on so eloquently now that some time has passsed, or a certain person offers the incident as historical fact of how Park Rangers have acted once they received the go ahead to be armed agents outside the normal training and reviews of standard law enforcement.
Andy Lyon May 18, 2012 at 08:49 PM
Since I've been labeled the head of the 'gang' of obstructionist's I should be worried.
Andy Lyon May 18, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Malibu Surfside News Story Home Page Accounts Differ in Malibu Canyon Park Shooting Death • Los Angeles Man Killed by State Parks Ranger Investigating Report of Gunfire Saturday BY HANS LAETZ Was it a case of a twitchy ex-con nudging his car up against a police officer? Or a nervous park ranger fumbling with his equipment and overreacting to a confused man? ,,,,,,further down the article,,,,,,,,,, The three passengers were tak­en into custody, questioned and released. Rangers said it did not appear that they were in­volved in any crime, in­cluding whatever triggered the original report of gunfire. http://www.malibusurfsidenews.com/stories/200708/20070809002.html


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