Police Name Suspect in Pico Shooting

Police say the gunman fired several rounds at an 18-year-old woman from the sidewalk of Pico Boulevard.

A Colton resident has been booked into Santa Monica Jail on suspicion of attempted murder in connection with the shooting of a woman Saturday evening on Pico Boulevard.

The police on Monday identified the suspected gunman as Waiverly Thomas, 31, of Colton, a city near Loma Linda. Charges have not yet been filed by the District Attorney's office.

The 18-year-old victim was seriously wounded but is expected to survive, according to police Sgt. Richard Lewis.

Police said she was shot about 5 p.m. after running away from a memorial fundraiser at a car wash and into the intersection at 18th Street and Pico. She flagged down a car saying she needed help leaving the area, but before the driver could help her escape, police said the gunman ran up on the sidewalk and fired several rounds from a handgun, striking the woman multiple times.

With the victim inside his car, the driver sped off. He called 911 upon reaching the corner of Lincoln and Pico boulevards, according to the police.

Thomas was apprehended near Delaware Avenue at 16th Street about an hour after the shooting as he attempted to drive out of a police perimeter. A handgun believed to be the one used in the shooting was recovered from the car.

Lewis said the suspect and the victim are not cooperating with the investigation. He said it was still unclear what the motive was or whether they knew each other.

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Dan Charney December 11, 2012 at 08:56 PM
Yes- thanks for the reference, i find it helpful to know that gang members are traveling that distance to commit crimes- and am that I don't have to use google to find out where they are from - and helpful copy editing is one thing- with this one, I had to put on a jacket- burrrrr
Erin December 13, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Thank you for the reference point. It says in the article that it was a memorial car wash, (for Tim Mansion who is not mentioned and was a local resident for over 25 years) so it's likely he traveled to support and take part in that... not to committ a crime. I think people's knee-jerk judgemental responses to these situations are as sad as the crimes themselves.
BK December 13, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Rest in peace Tim!! Free Waverly!!
Dan Charney December 13, 2012 at 09:36 PM
Knee jerk? Guns in traffic with people everywhere? Shooting people in the street like the wild west? Being unwilling to co-operate with police on the investigation?Being armed to the teeth? Hardly knee jerk- more like too many real jerks and way too many guns- may they all get out of this area
OneVoice January 14, 2013 at 08:42 PM
There was car wash fund raiser for a young man who was shot and killed in Santa Monica. The 18 in year old girl was the girlfriend of the guy that was killed. She witnessed the murder and can identify the killer. The killer came to the car wash to kill his eye witness to the murder of her boyfriend. There were several people there to help and support with the fund raiser including La Dania & Waiverly Thomas. The killer found out about the fund raiser and went to kill his eye witness. He showed up she saw him took off running as he was shooting at her all of the people at the car wash started running including the Thomas's. they left their car behind and jumped in a friends car to get away from the shooting. Several people left their cars behind. Waiverly Thomas went back an hour later (walked through the police tape why didn't they stop him then?) to his car to drive to meet his wife, they police stopped him searched his car (wife had gun in trunk she practices at a shooting range) they search the car arrest him for attempted murder! Why did any one pay attention to the shooter and what he was wearing!. Would the shooter return to the scene of the crime to retrieve a vehicle!!! Because Mr. Thomas had on a black hoodie!!! Here we go again stereo typing black men with hoodies are killers and criminals he was assumed to be the killer because one person at the scene said yes that's him! The 18 year old girl victimized twice by the killer, knows who he is! Police ask her!


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