Street Closures: Sunset, Other Streets Near Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital is building a pedestrian bridge over Sunset Boulevard in Los Feliz.

Parts of Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard and Hillhurst Avenue in Los Feliz will be closed between 10 p.m. Friday night and 2 a.m. Saturday morning.

A stretch of Sunset will remain closed until noon on Saturday.

The closures will facilitate construction of a pedestrian bridge over Sunset at Children's Hospital. 

Sunset Boulevard will be blocked from Vermont Avenue to Hollywood Boulevard.

Hillhurst Avenue will be closed from Clayton Avenue to Sunset Boulevard.

Hollywood Boulevard will be closed from Rodney Drive to Sunset Boulevard.

Foot traffic will be allowed, though vehicles must find other routes.

Sunset Boulevard between Vermont Avenue and Rodney Drive will remain closed until noon Saturday.

Both pedestrians and vehicles must find a work around during this time.

For further information you can e-mail or call: info@trafficmanagement.com or 800-763-3999  www.trafficmangement.com "

Ronald van Ammers October 27, 2012 at 04:59 AM
I wonder how much such a bridge costs. Sunset junction could use one. So could gelson/trader joe on hyperion.
Anthea Raymond October 27, 2012 at 05:01 AM
@Ronald-An excellent thought my friend. Key is owning the property on both sides, I think. AR


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