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After two days of deliberations, an eight-man, four-woman jury found Sina Khankhanian guilty of second-degree murder in the death of a 13-year-old Malibu girl.

A man was found guilty of murder Thursday in the death of a Malibu eighth grader.

Sina Khankhanian was convicted of second-degree murder and a sentence enhancing allegation of using a deadly weapon in the April 2010 death of Emily Shane on Pacific Coast Highway and Heathercliff Road in Malibu. The jury deliberated for nearly two days following a 13-day trial.

This was the second trial for Khankhanian, who will be sentenced on June 15, when he will face up to 16 years to life in prison. In the first trial, the jury was unable to reach a verdict.

As the verdict was read, a friend or family member of the Khankhanians yelled an expletive and flipped off the courtroom as he was escorted out by deputies. Khankhanian, whose mother burst into tears, sat staring straight ahead and showed no emotion.

The Shane family, who was caught up in traffic, walked into the courtroom as the verdict was read and rushed to their seats, hugging friends afterwards.

Michel Shane and other members of the family said they felt relief.

"After two years of waiting and having to go through this twice with two trials, to finally have it come to an end is almost surreal," Michel Shane said.

His wife, Ellen, added that it does bring justice for Emily and she would have been okay with whatever happened.

"I'm especially happy there was justice served for Emily," Ellen Shane said.

Her daughter, Leigh, agreed and said the family can now move on in the grieving process.

Deputy District Attorney Marna Miller said the trial was difficult.

“I think that definitely justice has been served not only for the family, but for Emily,” Miller said.

Miller, who prosecuted the case with Deputy District Attorney Keri Modder, said that she believes between the defendant and his girlfriend allowed the jury to hear his voice, which contrasted with his demeanor in court. During most of the trial, Khankhanian sat staring straight ahead and only smiled occasionally at family members, who sat behind him.

“I think the jury saw the truth,” Miller said, who also believes that a strong rebuttal argument by Modder helped the jury see the evidence clearly.

Defense attorney Bradley Brunon said that he was disappointed in the verdict.

"I think its puts a tragedy on top of a tragedy. It just compounds it," Brunon said, adding that he will file an appeal.

Khankhanian, who had left a suicide note at his home, is accused of striking Emily with his sports car as he swerved off Pacific Coast Highway and struck a pole. Emily died at the scene.

Brunon has asserted that Khankhanian, who was diagnosed with autism, could not appreciate that his actions created a risk of death for himself and others.

Burnon maintained throughout the trial that his client did not commit murder, and has said previously that a charge of gross vehicular manslaughter is more appropriate to the case.

hellwood May 25, 2012 at 09:11 PM
nobody will ever know what went through his head when he made that split second decision to swerve into emily, but his statements according to the fireman at the scene were compelling enough to show some sort of conscious premeditated decision
hellwood May 25, 2012 at 09:28 PM
James May 26, 2012 at 07:06 AM
Oh Stanley, there is no verbal assault on the residents of Malibu per say, only those who choose to attack the Khankhanians or anybody who act like they know SO much about Sina when they don't know anything more than what they've been told. And if you're referring to my statement to hellwood about the ignoramus point of view, then just like him, you choose to make comments about situations while choosing to stay ignorant about the very subject you comment about. An example of this would be how YOU are the one who said Sina's parents had the deep pockets because of the expensive lawyer and I replied by asking you how you could compare the almost unlimited supply of political influence of Malibu with a hard working family from Winnetka who has gone completely broke, by the way a HUGE chunk of that money went to the Shanes many LONG months before the first criminal trial (where they didn't argue that Sina was responsible for Emily's death and gave without question to the amount decided by the judge). Something people seem to forget to mention when they are belittling the Khankhanians for doing what ANY caring family would do for a loved one........
James May 26, 2012 at 07:19 AM
NOBODY is trying to absolve Sina for killing Emily only to fight against the political pressure to convince the world that he purposely aimed at her, something that this truly gentle and kind human being would NEVER do. Obviously some of the people on here like to preach but can't practice the kindness of Emily and can't handle it that not everyone agrees with their one sided point of view, which in my eyes makes them just as bad, if not worse than how they have tried to paint Sina out to be. And as far as your comment about me being his CELLMATE, Oh no!!! I must be such a horrible person for you to put that in all caps... Another ignoramus point of view, commenting on a something you have ZERO knowledge about... Your trash talking about him being a criminal is another ignorant statement. One mistake does not a criminal make. But a DA's office under pressure by the one percent sure does get their way........... "Everyone finds God behind the bars of incarceration": Another subject you obviously know nothing about because not everybody turns to God inside, even though it may be that many do because He is more present there where people need Him more. So please keep spreading your hateful ignorance while hiding behind the death of a wonderful human being who actually knew how to treat people and show the true meaning of love. I'm sure there's plenty of folks here that will give you the ego boost you need.....
nancy e May 30, 2012 at 12:54 AM
He IS a convicted criminal, a child killer!


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