Hermosa Man Uses Paramedic Skills to Aid Motorcyclist

The off-duty fireman responds to a downed rider by applying his medic training to the victim before Manhattan Beach paramedics arrive.

Hermosa Beach resident Michelle Fiorenza didn't see the motorcyclist go down but when he realized there was a body next to the bike in the road, he told his girlfriend to wait in the car while he went to see what he could do.

What he ended up doing was helping a man, who may be a fellow Hermosan, get through some critical moments before Manhattan Beach paramedics arrived to treat the downed rider and get him to Harbor-UCLA Hospital.

When Fiorenza, a Los Angeles County Fire Department captain with more than 20 years as a certified paramedic, approached the scene, he said another person was standing near the biker with a look on his face that said, "This guy's in a bad way."

Fiorenza wasn't deterred, opting to "see what I can do" to help the victim. He told Patch the man, who "didn't look too good," was on his "left lateral" side, breathing but not conscious.

The Hermosan kept the man's airway open and left him the way he'd found him, on his side, knowing that the way the man was laying was best for his situation.

Within seconds, a man who is an anesthesiologist came to assist. That's when Fiorenza moved to stabilize the man's head while the anesthesiologist managed his airway.

"There wasn't much we could do," said Fiorenza, who said they never needed to perform CPR on the victim.

When medics arrived, he helped them get the man onto a c-spine board.

"It was sad," he said of the scene. "I hate to see things like that and I've seen plenty of trauma. One minute you're going out for a nice ride..."

As of Friday shortly before 12 noon, the man was in critical but stable condition, said Mark Mason, a sergeant in Manhattan Beach police's traffic division.

The injured motorcyclist is believed to be a Hermosa Beach resident. Police did not find identification on him, however, the motorcycle's registration and information provided by a man whose friend rides a bike similar to the one involved in the crash has led MBPD to believe they know who the injured driver is. 

The out-of-state driver of the rental vehicle that turned in front of the motorcyclist was not injured, said MBPD.

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emily November 04, 2012 at 01:35 AM
way to go Mickelle. I love reading about people helping people~ ~miss Em
Kim Back November 04, 2012 at 03:58 PM
When are you going to update the story? You keep reposting the same story.
Liz Spear November 04, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Hi Kim, This is a separate article about a citizen who stopped to help someone who was injured and as such requires reference to the original accident stories. There are no more updates at this time as to who the injured motorcyclist is and what his present medical condition is.


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