Crime Report: Burglaries Decline, Car Theft Rises Slightly

Statistics on property and violent crime from mid-July to mid-August.

Burglaries and personal theft declined in the West Los Angeles area in the last month as grand theft auto and car break-ins rose slightly, according to statistics released this week by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The largest decline in crime was in personal theft, down from 148 to 99 reported instances in the last month.

No homicides were reported in the last month. Though the percent change of rape in the area shows a 100 percent change, it should be noted that one more instance was reported in this month's report than in the last month's statistics. Readers should also note the statistics reflect crimes reported to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The list below is a summary of crime statistics from July 17-Aug. 13.

Violent Crimes July 17-Aug. 13 June 19-July 16 Percent Change Year To Date, 2011 Homicide 0 0 No Change 0 Rape 2 1 100% 17 Robbery 7 4 75% 80 Aggravated Assaults 8 9 -11% 87 Total Violent 17 14 21% 184 Property Crimes July 17-Aug. 13 June 19-July 16 Percent Change Year To Date, 2011 Burglary 62 67 -7% 502 Grand Theft Auto 34 32 6% 248 Burglary Theft From Vehicle 135 126 7% 969 Personal Theft/Other 99 148 -33% 989 Total Property Crimes 330 373 -12% 2708


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