City Finds Building, Fire Code Violations in Wake of Del Sol Shooting

A city investigation found a number of building and fire code violations at a home in the 1100 block of N. Del Sol Lane in the wake of a fatal shooting at the property on April 7.

In the wake of in the 1100 block of N. Del Sol Lane, a city investigation has found numerous building and fire code violations at the residence where the incident took place.

On Thursday, city officials and investigators from the Los Angeles County Fire Department and hazardous materials team inspected the home with consent from the owner and found fire hazards including blocked exits and corridors as well as a variety of heavy auto and motorcycle repair machinery that the city's Community Development Director, Greg Gubman, said posed an electrical danger when operated from a residential power supply.

"We are still working on the investigation of the home," Gubman said, "but there are a number of code violations to do with the safety of the premises for human occupancy."

Gubman said the code violations at the home do not pose a safety concern for neighbors. 

"We are focused on getting the inoperable vehicles out of the front yard," Gubman said.

The residence is currently red-tagged, prohibiting occupation of the home until the fire and building code violations are resolved. Gubman said the city will issue a list of violations to be corrected to the resident and said he does not expect that further city intervention will be necessary. 

"We're trying to work cooperatively with the homeowner to correct the violations," Gubman said.

In some situations, the city can set up what is called a receivership to take control of addressing code violations, which is funded by placing a lien on the home, but Gubman said that process would likely not be necessary.

The homeowner, who declined to give her full name, said Thursday that she had acquired most of the items through the inheritance of four estates.

Throughout the home, Gubman said, there was an array of auto and motorcycle repair equipment and parts.

Gubman said there is no evidence that a commercial repair business was being conducted at the home using the machinery and there is no known connection between the code violations and the cause of the April 7 shooting.

Gubman said the red tag on the home will not prohibit the homeowner from working on code improvements to the exterior of the home while specific interior violations are addressed.

Gubman said he expects the city to issue a full account of the code violations to be addressed by Monday.

DB Resident April 15, 2011 at 06:42 AM
Gubman said the code violations at the home do not pose a safety concern for neighbors. " Are you kidding me??? If a fire had broken out at the property how could the fire department gain access?...exits and corridors were blocked. Other homes in the neighborhood would be at risk and could be lost. This house has been problematic for years. The Swim club and the city's code enforcement were never successful in correcting the violation issues that were obvious. I'm sorry for the loss of life at the property and hope the city remains vigilant to make sure the homeowner correct the violations permanently.
GREG GUBMAN April 15, 2011 at 04:20 PM
My comment regarding the "safety concern for the neighbors" was made in the context of the current red tag status of the property, not the conditions under which the occupants were living and using the premises. The property was red-tagged for the express purpose of protecting the residents (who are currently not permitted inside the house) and neighbors while the necessary corrective measures are underway.
Neighbor April 22, 2011 at 04:02 AM
The City of Diamond Bar, LAC Sheriff's Department, LAC Fire Department, and the Deane Homes Swim Club HOA have known for years what was going on at the Jacobs home on North Del Sol. Neighbors have repeatedly filed complaints. The authorities did little or nothing to address the situation there until the recentg tragedy. Had they acted sooner and seriously the turn of events might have been prevented. BTW, if Mr. Gubman of the fire department does not believe a commercial operation was functioning at this residence he need only to read Kyle Jacob's MySpace page in which Kyle states he is paid for his mechanic work, which all the neighbors and the authorities konw full well was being conducted right there in the Jacobs' driveway.
Dawn P. April 26, 2011 at 02:23 AM
All complaints by neighbors fell on deaf ears. The Sheriff's department never responded to complaints about disturbances directly relating to hazardous mechanical work and a week prior to the shooting, city hall actually defended Mr. Jacobs stating he had greatly improved the appearance of his driveway and curb. Kidding me? Anyone who has seen the state this house was in would disagree. Let's not talk about the ineffectness of the Dean Homes Swim Club HOA. They are only good for collecting association fees. Too bad it took such a tragedy for all of this to come to light.
Observer June 08, 2011 at 09:37 PM
To even begin to speculate that had authorities acted sooner this tragedy may not have happened is ridiculous. The Jacob family was your typical loud, colorful, neighbor that didn't care about how their property looked and yet you couldn't help but like them. Although different they were always friendly and helpful neighbors. They added character to the neighborhood. As for the comment by Dawn P., the appearance of the driveway and curb did improve. Inside the home much was needed to be done I agree. However, this year there have been improvements inside the home all of which were done by the victim Ryan Modica. When he moved in he immediately began work to make the home inhabitable. Any improvements should be properly credited to the person responsible for those improvements and that's Ryan, not Kyle. No matter who gets the credit or who's to blame, bottom line, that neighborhood will never be the same again!


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