2012 Crimes in Northeast L.A. Higher Than Last Year

Stolen and burglarized cars are a big part of the increase.

Car thefts, homicide and rape across Northeast Los Angeles are up significantly compared to last year so far—and just about every crime in Eastside neighborhoods of the region is higher than crimes in Westside areas such as Silver Lake, Los Feliz and East Hollywood.

That regional snapshot of crime is worrying because every year “we try to keep crimes 5 percent lower” than the pervious year, said Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Bill Murphy, who heads the Northeast Community Police Station.

From January through Saturday, Dec. 8, as many as 934 vehicles were stolen across Northeast L.A.—36 more than the corresponding period last year, Murphy said in a recent interview to Patch.

Homicide was up 33 percent and rape 8.7 percent, Murphy said, (although the increase in rapes is caused by just two more incidents than in 2011).

“When our crime rate goes up or down, a big part of it is stolen cars,” Murphy said, adding: “If we can average 91 crimes a week we beat last year’s crimes by 5 percent.”

Last week alone, a total of 119 crimes were committed in Northeast L.A., Murphy said, adding that he expects the year's total to exceed 5,000 crimes—about 260 too many for the purposes of bettering last year's statistics.

In the Eagle Rock area, as many as 91 cars were stolen or burglarized during the roughly month-long period from Oct. 27 through Nov. 24—a nearly 50-precent increase over the preceding month-long period, Murphy said.

Compared with 2011, however, car thefts recorded from January through Dec. 8 are down 13.9 percent in Eagle Rock, although car break-ins are up 14.9 percent, Murphy said.

The single-largest increase in crimes in Eagle Rock pertains to personal thefts, particularly shoplifting (most of it at Eagle Rock Plaza), which is up so far this year by 48 percent, compared to 2011, Murphy said.

The captain is scheduled to announce statistics comparing this year’s crimes with 2011 at the monthly Community Police Advisory Board meeting on Monday, Dec. 17. The meeting, which is open to the public, will be held at 6 p.m. in the Roll Call Room of the Northeast Community Police Station, located on 3353 San Fernando Rd.

Lightnapper December 17, 2012 at 05:14 PM
“You can’t be an art gallery that decides to serve alcohol,” Murphy said. “If you want to do that, there’s a way to do it—request a one-time event permit.” Besides a one-time permit to serve alcohol, which costs about $25 to $50, permits are also issued for one-time entertainment of the kind underway at Cactus Gallery on Saturday night, the captain said." ( Dec 12, 2012 Eagle Rock Patch) "Sandra Mastroianni, owner Cactus Gallery, is calling for community support after she was cited by Los Angeles Police Department officers on Saturday evening for hosting live music and serving alcohol during the Eagle Rock art institution's final reception….She said that 10 LAPD officers in squad cars arrived at the gallery, at which point they issued her the citation for serving wine and demanded to see a permit for hosting living music." (Dec 10th 2012 Eagle Rock Patch) I guess the author of the article, the gallery owner, and Captain Murphy got it all wrong, and they intentionally mislead all of us reader-citizens. Well, that just takes the cake. You just can't trust anybody anymore. Phooey!
Tim Ryder December 18, 2012 at 06:35 PM
@"Nimby By Nature" Your comment means nothing to me and I refuse to converse with an anonymous post. I have no idea who you are, who you're working for, who you represent or even if you live in Eagle Rock. Whether you agree with what I say or not, at least I have the courage to put my name to it and just that fact gives me the proverbial "higher ground" in the ongoing debate over cannabis Prohibition.
Anonymous Nimby Crank December 19, 2012 at 12:40 AM
"Higher Ground"? That's a good one coming from someone who wants Schedule 1 drugs sold in neighborhoods with kids. Those questions were actually rhetorical and didn't need answered they were posted to show others the tall tales you tell to try and prove your point. I also posted to once again congratulate fellow Eagle Rock neighbors on standing up and showing up to make sure you have no say in this neighborhood whatsoever besides posting on the patch and driving around with pot banners on your truck. by the way, that just looks either crazy or pathetic that a grown man does something like that, clearly you have no kids.
Anonymous Nimby Crank December 19, 2012 at 01:06 AM
And one more thing Tim. To quote you "I refuse to converse with an anonymous post." Yet you started on this tread by conversing with "Cricket" an ANONYMOUS POSTER. How about all the mutual admiration society you had with "Duff Strong" What you meant to say was you didn't want to converse with anyone who calls you out. Anonymous or not. Another example of Tim Ryder being Tim Ryder.
Cricket January 07, 2013 at 05:50 PM
Just to clear things up. My name is Cricket. Not really anonymous if you use your real name AND when the people on the site know and recognize you by that name because you are a resident of said area.


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