Letter: Shoppers Shouldn't Have to Pay for Westfield's Problems

Westfield Century City will start charging customers for parking sometime in 2013.

Editor's Note: This letter to the editor addresses Westfield Century City's decision to end free parking. Read more about this story here.

Just as I have never been back to Beverly Center since they started this policy, I will never go back to Century City either. Pity, as of now, I go in there every day, mostly to Gelsons, the restaurants, food court, Bloomies, the small stores.

I live right around the corner practically, but I would give it all up if every time I went there I had to pay for parking. I truly resent that. What nerve, what gouging. They would probably never miss me. Too bad. People will pay to use their parking lot, but so much for the convenience of my going there, a pox on Westfield. Don't the stores realize their businesses will wane?

I never received any "local notice" about this, even though I am in the Comstock Hills neighborhood. I certainly would have voiced my opinion at one of those meetings.

[I'm] furious about the audacity of Westfield to make me pay for the scofflaws who park there and walk off to some other location. A company the size of Westfield isn't smart enough to keep their patrons satisfied and find a way to prevent the freeloaders from taking advantage? Maybe not. Westfield is a monopoly, what do they care? Charging patrons is just another form of revenue.

Too bad, it was so nice and so pleasant to frequently go into that wonderful neighborhood open air mall, but I will not relent, as my taste for Century City Mall will have been spoiled by such a user-unfriendly policy. 

—Nicole Miner, Comstock Hills resident

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Nancy Young October 18, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Completely in agreement with this post, and point raised why should shoppers be punished for something when the mall could figure out something to prevent the free loaders?
Brett Rothenberg October 18, 2012 at 06:53 PM
"I live right around the corner practically, but I would give it all up if every time I went there I had to pay for parking." - I'm sorry.. I know this LA and people love their cars, but I give you 0 credibility when you tell me you live around the corner.. get out of your car and walk there, bike there.. carry your over-price Gelson's items back to your apartment. If you live within walking distance.. please don't complain about parking, learn to get out of your metal tank every once in a while.
Brett Rothenberg October 18, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Also if you are living in "Comstock Hills", I think you can afford to pay for a few minutes of parking if you are in a 2mm+ LA home.. http://1353clubviewdrive.com. Gelson's will probably fight to have at least 90mns free to match their parking, so I wouldn't even be worried about it for going to Gelson's.
nickie miner October 18, 2012 at 11:02 PM
Dear Brett, practically around the corner is nearly two miles uphill with bags of groceries. I would love to get out of my metal tank. May I call upon you to carry my heavy groceries and accompany me on my walk? But be advised, due to my likely being the age of your grandparents, as well as having acquired a disability which prevents me from a brisk walk without stops to rest, it will take us a while.
nickie miner October 18, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Brett, you are too funny with your assumptions about what someone else can afford or not afford to do as well as your losing sight of the issue involved: Century City has offered free 3 hour parking to their patrons since its inception decades ago. Now they say that the parking spaces have been taken over by freeloaders that go to other buildings to work, etc., so they will stick it to real patrons to pay for the "crime." Maybe that's just an excuse, we'll never know. But you are right about one thing, Gelsons, a quality market that is not "overpriced" any more than Ralphs or Vons, will likely fight to keep their loyal patrons happy.


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