BLOG: Non-Emergency Parking in Red Zone for Coffee Bean

How does one neighborhood deal with official emergency vehicles parking indefinitely to go to Coffee Bean?

For decades, on any given day there has been an ongoing variety of vehicles that park in the red zone in the only northbound lane on Horn Avenue just north of the Sunset Strip. And by appearances someone may think that because some vehicles are police cars, ambulances and fire trucks, they must be there for official business or an emergency. But they are not because I made sure to find out they were really just going to Coffee Bean.

The photos show a Los Angeles County Brush Fire truck, a West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department patrol car, and even Thursday an ambulance was parked supposedly to pick up a patient seven blocks away on Londonderry Place in Los Angeles. I think the ambulance driver and co-worker were really going to Coffee Bean too as they parked in our red zone, blocking traffic.

This neighborhood is overrun with taxicabs, limos and other vehicles that just decide to park in our red zone and block a single lane for an indefinite time period. Most for Coffee Bean runs but other times just because they want to.

Since this has been going on for decades with no relief, our neighborhood had our frustration tested further when recently a potential new mega development was set to take over our neighborhood and create even more traffic problems for us. Fortunately, the project was denied by our City Council.

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scott ferguson October 06, 2012 at 02:06 AM
Me That makes some sense (I notice WeHo sheriffs' cars and both LA Co and Bev Hills fire dept trucks parked illegally at the Santa Monica Pavillions). But it shouldn't be done automatically (I don't think I've ever seen them parked in normal spaces). My pet peeve is when sheriff cars go the wrong way on my one-way street for normal travel, or otherwise disobey regular traffic rules just cuz...
joninla October 06, 2012 at 09:03 PM
As the City's biggest complaining N.i.M.B.Y (I don't meant it to be as snarky as it sounds), you could take down license plates, times and dates and file reports. However for local police/sheriff/fire/emergency care, I would NEVER make any such report, because like it or not, in the real world, such a report would likely lead to slower (if at all) response to any actually emergency call you might need to make in the future. That's life. But if it is local weho city employee/staff using one of the 300+ unlimited official parking permits, I would definitely get license plates, time, dates and hopefully pics of the people misusing the city permits for anything buy 'City Business'. They almost crucified Horvath for misuse after she lost based on only unnamed and even denied anecdotal rumors of her car being seen here and there with the city permit being used. I've never seen one and I suspect it is not obvious or even visible to the average person.
joninla October 08, 2012 at 06:58 AM
10.08.150 Official Business Permits. of WeHo Ordinances http://qcode.us/codes/westhollywood/view.php?topic=10-10_08-10_08_150&frames=on b. Official business permits shall be used solely and exclusively for the conduct of official city business, including without limitation, field visits, inspections, attendance at meetings and while working on city projects. Use of these permits for any purpose other than official city business or during times when not engaged in city business shall constitute grounds for: (1) revocation of the permit; (2) temporary or permanent ineligibility for receipt of future permits; (3) issuance of a parking citation for any underlying violation as well as a violation of Section 10.08.110 of this code; (4) towing of the vehicle, where appropriate; and (5) with respect to city employees, disciplinary action in accordance with applicable personnel rules and memoranda of understanding. Issuance of an official business permit is a privilege, not a right, and the holder thereof shall possess no property interest whatsoever in possession of a permit. c. When being used, official business permits must be hung from the interior rear view mirror of the vehicle. Failure to display a permit will not constitute grounds for relief from a parking citation. An official business permit will allow the holder thereof an exemption from the following parking restrictions:
Chloe Ross October 08, 2012 at 07:24 PM
I lived on central Cape Cod as a kid. One could set a watch for lunchtime by the police. As soon as the sirens and red lights fired up on the cruisers - you knew it was lunch time and they all went to one place.
bighotrod May 05, 2013 at 09:16 AM
the picture of the jaguar haiving to go around the police car is unacceptable. what if there was a car preventing the jag from doing so and while they waited, they were rear ended by another car turning up horn behind them? would the cop be at fault? probably not...after all they were getting an ice blended (which might be an argument if it actually made them less cocky and more bearable).


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