Hurricane Sandy Stops LAX Flights

Have your travel plans been affected by Hurricane Sandy? Tell us in the comments section below.

Airlines have canceled nearly 16,000 flights across the country since Sunday because of the stormy weathers pummeling the East Coast, including more than 300 flights that had been scheduled to fly in or out of LAX.

According to Los Angeles International Airport spokesman Albert Rodriguez, as of about 9 p.m. Monday, some 10 airlines had canceled 304 flights at LAX since Sunday involving the East Coast because of Hurricane Sandy. Figures for Tuesday were not immediately available.

Airport officials suggested that departing passengers and motorists picking up passengers check with their airlines before heading to the airport. Flight status information at LAX is also available here.

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The FAA's website also provides up-to-the-minute conditions at all U.S. airports at www.faa.gov. Click on "Airport Status and Delays."

According to an update on the the website www.flightaware.com Tuesday morning, "it is unlikely there will be scheduled flight operations to/from NYC today, and some airlines have begun canceling flights on Wednesday."

The website said more than 15,770 cancellations have been reported around the country because of the hurricane, as follows:

  • 1,300 flights canceled Sunday;
  • 7,791 flights canceled Monday;
  • 6,047 flights canceled so far Tuesday; and
  • 635 flights canceled for Wednesday.

"We expect the number (Tuesday and Wednesday) to rise once damage can be assessed and re-open times are communicated," the website reported.

Need to know if your flight has been canceled? Following are the flight status sites (click on airlines' names) and numbers for some of the larger airlines in case you need to check your flight's status. Some airlines also have pages dedicated to Hurricane Sandy travel. In those cases, we've included the link to those as well.

Alaska Airlines: 1-800-654-5669 

American Airlines: 1-800-223-5436 (Find East Coast travel policy information here)

Delta Airlines: 1-800-221-1212 (Find Hurricane Sandy rescheduling information here)

Jet Blue: 1-800-538-2583 (Find Jet Blue Hurricane Sandy fee waiver information here)

Southwest Airlines: 1-800-435-9792 (Find SWA's storm information here)

United Airlines: 1-800-864-8331 (Find ticket exchange information here; Scroll down to find information specifically for the East Coast storm.)

Virgin Airlines: 1-877-359-8474 (Find Virgin's Hurricane Sandy travel advisory and waiver information here.)

Have your travel plans been affected by Hurricane Sandy? Tell us in the comments section below.


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