Silver Lake Dance Club Shut Down

Los Globos faces continuing scrutiny by neighbors and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.


Over the last year or so, Los Globos on Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake has repositioned itself as a popular late-night destination for dancers and DJs.

But if you drove by Monday night you saw a dark building.

There was also a handwritten note on the club's Sunset Boulevard re-routing guests of the "Cute But Evil Halloween Party" to Bar 107 in Downtown L.A.

A Halloween party scheduled for Tuesday at Los Globos is also scrambling to relocate.

Apparently so are many others as the word on the street is that Los Globos is closed for at least 45 days.

Owner Steve Edelson is said to be required to again apply for the dance and live music permits to reopen.

Edelson bought the club in 2010 and proceeded to redo its interior and expand its musical and menu offerings.

Los Globos has been on neighbors' radar for awhile, with residents along Vendome Street complaining about noise and trash and public urination.

Last spring, members of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's public safety committee began organizing protests with the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, as well logging citizen complaints about noise.

Los Globos had put together a very active club and live performance calendar, becoming a favorite of local DJs while retaining some of its original Spanish-language audience.

We've reached out to LAPD Rampart's Vice Unit as well as neighborhood council  board members to find out more about what to expect at the location.

So check back at the site.

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