'Which Way, LA?' Takes a Look at the Decline of Westwood Village

Check here to listen to the show.

KCRW's show "Which Way, LA?" took a look at Westwood Village on Tuesday evening, examining the neighborhood's slow decline from a hot spot in the 80s to the view today of many empty shops. 

The show features interviews with Adrian Glick Kudler, editor of the website Curbed LA, Steve Sann of the Westwood Community Council, Ann Philbin of the Hammer Museum and Westwood resident Patti Seidenbaum.

Click here to listen to the show (the Westwood portion begin at 12 minutes in). 

What did you think? Tell us in the comments. 

kelly chin December 05, 2013 at 12:26 PM
Westwood Village was busy, packed to the gills, only one of a few places to go on weekends, unfortunately the area attracted gangs. A girl got killed in a gang shooting. From that point on, the police enforcement turned the area into a no mans land and people did not want to be in the area anymore. Westwood is a ghost town now, the idiot developers that built trillion dollar multiuse apartment buildings and those soooo broke buyers and renters may keep riff raff out but the scumbags just walk in. Criminals go to where money is. UCLA is becoming USC


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