The Craving: Calorie Conscious Cuisine

Stop counting, start enjoying with these almost sinless favorites.

You are what you eat–right? While the old cliche seems like a stretch sometimes, in this case, hope it's correct, because these lean but tasty options in our area are a real treat.


Burgers are one of the biggest All-American staples, naturally, and nope, this isn't an "eat-a-salad-instead" entry. There is an alternative to the whopping 550-650 calorie beef patty and white bread–one equally as yummy. Order the wheat bread and turkey burger instead, and save 200 calories on average. Just under 450 calories for a tasty turkey burger, with about the same count as a bland Subway sandwich, and its a win-win for your taste buds and waist. Be sure to skip the added cheese and egg to keep that count in check–with all of the flavor.

Price for yummy calorie conscious cuisine: $5


Red Mango knows that dessert is as big of a part of a meal as the main course–just ask the three sizes available to decide the size of the dessert splurge. Frozen yogurt can be as big of a diet breaker as any other treat–but Red Mango displays all of their nutritional info, a tough find for a frozen yogurt shop. The small size starts at only 130 calories and yogurt flavors include original tangy, vanilla and pomegranate. Toppings include the usual, like fresh fruit and the fun, like Fruity Pebbles. Recommendation: the plain tangy–it's sweet and just the right amount of sweet and almost sour–it's the original for a reason.

Price for yummy calorie conscious cuisine: $4 for a small size and up.


The ultimate calorie buster can be tamed to make a yummy, lower calorie breakfast. Case in point: the Westwood Omelette, an omelette packed with bacon, avocados, tomatoes, jack and cheddar cheeses and calories–up to an estimated whopping estimated 700 calories, not counting the side potatoes. Still enjoy an omelette, but substitute for vegetables and go light on the cheese, and keep the bites of side potatoes and toast to a few bites–and enjoy a major calorie splice, down to about 450 calories. Now that's a good, healthy start to the day.

Price for yummy calorie conscious cuisine: $7.45

Check out MyFitnessPal.com for other calorie estimates.


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