Help! Missing Dog Running Around Veteran Avenue

Can you help this reader catch this dog?

A Westwood-Century City Patch reader needs some help catching a runaway dog who was last seen this morning near the Westwood Recreation Center. She sent in this note:

My neighbor is dog sitting this weekend and when she went to take the dog out this morning, the dog  ran out of the house like lightning and has been gone ever since.  She has been seen in Westwood park and we have seen her running up Veteran Ave between Santa Monica and Wilshire and the surrounding streets but have been unable to catch her. We haven't seen her at all for about an hour.

The dog's name is Penny and she has tags on her collar (with both of her owners' numbers) and is microchipped with a green collar with a design on it. She looks like a miniature Golden Retriever, sort of beagle sized and about 18 - 24 months.  She barks at other dogs and is not the kind of dog who will come right up to you, but won't bite you either.  She's also a runner (and a fast one at that).

If anyone has seen her, or knows someone in the area that you could forward this to I would greatly appreciate it.  My friend is a wreck, and we've been looking since 7:30 this morning for her.  Email me directly at dandbsmom@verizon.net if you have any info.


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