Banner Program Salutes Local Service Members

The program, sponsored by the city of Diamond Bar, is free to each family

They may be far away, but local members of the armed forces are not forgotten by the city and residents of Diamond Bar.

Colorful banners recognizing their service are scattered throughout the city on some of the busiest roads, including Diamond Bar Boulevard and Grand Avenue.

“The program started in 2006,” said Lorry Meyer, recreation specialist, senior programming. “The City Council wanted to do it.”

The banners feature the name and branch of the military of each person being saluted.

In order to be honored with a banner, the service member must be a current resident, or a former resident with immediate family in Diamond Bar (this includes parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, or in-laws). They must also be actively deployed, and annual verification is required. Applications are available at City Hall and Diamond Bar Center.

There are 252 banners hanging now, and the response has been “overwhelming.”

“Everybody’s thrilled with the program,” said Meyer. “They’re grateful for it and love it.”

The money for the program comes from the general fund.

“Diamond Bar is one of the few cities that pays for it totally,” said Meyer. “Most other cities require families to either chip in or pay for all of it.”

The banners go up twice a year; once during May before Memorial Day, and then again in October before Veteran’s Day in November.

“We have a big Veteran’s Day event, and banners are taken down for the people who are no longer on active duty,” said Meyer. “They can then receive the banners as a gift at the ceremony.” 

For more information, visit the city website

Lydia Plunk September 07, 2011 at 06:39 AM
Diamond Bar has its priorities straight.
Neighbor September 07, 2011 at 02:32 PM
I have made it a point to see every one of the banners and to pause a moment to reflect on the service of these great young men and women and to honor them.
Lydia Plunk September 08, 2011 at 06:46 AM
Gratitude is a value that when expressed benefits both the recipient and the giver. The banner program offers moral support on behalf of the entire community to those courageous few who are willing to sacrifice beyond anything any other category of citizens are. It does not interfere with the ability of the individual to donate tangibly as they able. This city is in the black. May our council people never be such cheap ingrates as to consider not continue supporting this small measure of gratitude to our service men, women and their families.
Trisha Bowler September 08, 2011 at 04:55 PM
Well said Lydia. Thank you DB City Council members! I know one military member when home on leave was so proud of his banner and grateful for the support of his community. He took a photo of it and gave it to his little son to keep always. That's what it is about, sir!
Lydia Plunk September 08, 2011 at 05:16 PM
Sir- I believe in focus and prioritization are a component of success in every endeavor- including government. I went to school, work, have relatives and am friends with gay, lesbian or transgender individuals whose success or not is completely removed from their sexuality. As is mine and as it should be. If you have a program you believe deserves recognition- that is what public comments is for on the Council agenda. I look forward to having a face with your commentary.


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